About Free Lotto

For 13 years, New York-based PlasmaNet, Inc., has provided Internet users with a daily, free, lottery-style experience through its FreeLotto.com web site. FreeLotto offers users the fun of choosing numbers and winning prizes ranging from $1 to $10 million. In addition, FreeLotto never sells player information to third parties.

FreeLotto ensures that every drawing is fair by using ball drop machines from Garron Lottery Products. Manufactured in Baltimore, Maryland, these machines provide truly random results and are the machines preferred by many state lotteries. In addition, FreeLotto has its lottery balls inspected twice a year to certify them for uniform weight.

The company records each lottery-style drawing on video tape and archives the tapes at its offices at Grand Central Station in New York City. This eliminates any doubt about the results of each daily drawing. The games at FreeLotto.com are not considered true lotteries; because players do not pay to enter, there is no gambling involved and no risk to FreeLotto users.

In 2001, FreeLotto introduced its F.A.S.T. subscription service. For 50 cents a day, players can opt to have FreeLotto enter them in the daily drawings automatically. This service is especially useful for players who have sporadic Internet access or who do not have the time to enter all six drawings every day. FreeLotto also automatically checks F.A.S.T. members’ numbers against the day’s winners, and files their prize claims automatically. The service is optional and subscribers can cancel at any time.

FreeLotto has had more than 64 million players register. Together, these users have been awarded more than $95 million and played more than 3.5 billion lottery-style games since the web site opened in 1999. FreeLotto maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


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